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Edinburgh College of Art
Location: Edinburgh
Graduation year: 1983
Degree: MA

Favored Mediums

  • Painting

Artist Statement

Nicola Powys makes paintings as a sculptor carves stone, or a welder adjusts his arc to accommodate a particular type of metal. The paintings are constructed – either on found supports, or sandwiched amongst the palimpsest of linen, RSG and hand made paint. This solid approach is an important part of her work – where fleeting ideas and big issues are played out, literally on a background of historical echoes - grounding the pieces. The fact that a support has a story - or the process of constructing a chassis and then stretching linen over it - are deciding factors in the finished piece. Reflecting on the materials inspires Nicola to make a piece of work. The idea that has been lurking for a while is given legs suddenly by the appearance of a discarded piece of wood or glass. Trained at Edinburgh College of Art in Glass design, Nicola often uses bold colour in her work. And the four years formation as an Animator in London in the 80s meant that she was paid to hone her drawing and observation skills! These elements link the diverse body of work she has produced since 1990. Having always adopted an experimental and questioning approach to both subject and material, Nicola is now showing a maturity in her handling of both.