Newel Hunter


 United states
 Port Townsend
  • Full-time artist, part-time writer
    Location: Port Townsend
    Term: [object Object] - Present


University of Oregon
Location: Eugene
Graduation year: 1969
Degree: Bachelors

Favored Mediums

  • Painting

Artist Statement

"Newel Hunter’s monochrome paintings have been all about gesture for some time. His swirls, drips and bleeds of fluid black acrylic whirl like dervishes against the blank page. Yet, while the artist’s gestures stand only for themselves, his collaboration with the laws of chance results in ambiguous fields of positive and negative space that invite interpretation like the blots of a Rorschach test.” -- Jake Seniuk, Former Executive Director, Port Angeles Fine Arts Center "Widely collected, Newel Hunter has emerged as a new-style action painter whose art is suffused with drama and vitality. With a rare level of skill and a complex methodology, he paints with a contrasting muscularity and deliberateness to produce art that is boldly elegant, contemplative, contemporary and impossible to ignore." -- Studio Visit Magazine, Volume 17 I'm fascinated with the idea of exposing what can't be seen, what's underneath it all, the history, the story, the abstract and random image. My art -- much like my life -- is all about experimentation, exploration and rolling the dice -- allowing chance to play an important role in shaping the final product. I paint almost exclusively in acrylic on a variety of surfaces, employing a selection of non-traditional painting tools – many of which I make myself – to produce arresting images with a sense of depth and sculptural form. My technique merges action painting with bold calligraphic styling to create art that is contemplative, contemporary and compelling. I consider my best work -- which is highly physical, gestural, exhilarating and interpretive -- a whole body exercise in storytelling. Even in its most abstract. I paint a lot in black and white -- inspired by any number of European Art Informel and American abstractionists. Among them, Kline, Motherwell, Still, Hofmann, Richter, de Kooning and so many others. Pierre Soulages -- with his concentration on the light reflecting qualities of black -- has influenced me more than just about any other artist. I'm honored to have my art represented in collections within and outside the U.S. I've exhibited extensively in regional and national juried shows, including “Art by America, A National Review of Two-Dimensional Contemporary Art” in Chicago, "Controlling Chaos: Aleatoric Art in the Twenty First Century" in Ft Myers, Florida and "Art Comes Alive 2018" in Cincinnati, Ohio. I'm also proud to be one of only 44 international artists featured in Aleatoric Art in the 21st Century. At 240 pages, this coffee table-sized book is the definitive volume on the role of chance in contemporary fine art.