Arantxa Araujo


 New York
Mexican, Spain, New York
  • Multidisciplinary Artist
    Location: New York
    Institution: Freelance
    Term: [object Object] - Present


Teachers College, Columbia University
Location: New York
Graduation year: 2015
Degree: MA
Emerson College
Location: Boston
Graduation year: 0
Degree: Bachelors

Favored Mediums

  • Installation

Artist Statement

Creating awareness about the interaction of physical, affective and cognitive components that move us to action in this complex socio political arena is my main interest. As an multidisciplinary artist, my practice encompasses new media, video, installation, performances and socially engaged art that expose the history and trauma, our present context and the opportunities for our future as a Mexican female immigrant living in the United States. At times placing performances in traditional settings like Museums and galleries, but constantly looking to intervene directly in public spaces and site specific locations as means of reclaiming our space. My work explores gender roles and politics of migration, and its affects, implications and consequences in the construction of identity and performativity. I use my body in movement and stillness, in endurance and in rituals, to understand physically, energetically and mentally what reality entails. Creating opportunities to contemplate, to become aware, to notice. By embarking in journeys of time and its relativity, the artist concentrates on heightened sensing to become aware of surroundings, impulses, desires, common behaviour and what triggers it. When processing what affects individuals, there is comprehension of surroundings and context. I spend mindful time deconstructing the input received, by minimizing output and creating awareness of the vibrational aspect her surroundings; the micro in the macro and vice versa. Through thorough research, both scientific and philosophical, I construct projects and performances that push boundaries of comfort in myself and observers to access heightened states of consciousness that allow to see things with a new perspective. It is only through awareness, that individuals are able to make informed choices as the first step in personal and social change. I am interested in deconstructing behavior to understand it. Through Neuroscience and Neuroaesthetics, I study individuals and the impact art might have on us from a theoretical point of view. I create hypothesis and immerse myself in the public arena to experience first hand, as if the public space was a laboratory. These durational projects are both research and performance on their own. The results are often raw, stimulating, and thought-provoking exploring exuberant world of stimulants, the inner journey of perception, and its role in defining behavior in capitalist, patriarchal, heteronormative and oppressive society.

Artistic Inspirations