United states
American, Filipino, Bolivian
  • Artist
    Location: Miami
    Institution: Independent
    Term: [object Object] - Present


New College Of Florida
Location: Sarasota
Graduation year: 0

Favored Mediums

  • Installation

Artist Statement

Espuma is a multidisciplinary artist collaboration between Ashe Rodrigues and Sophia Aitken. Their practice is centered around the ritualization of created space through the intertwining of performance and installation art. The agency of the human body and the subversion of ideas surrounding nature are recurring themes explored through the creation of multisensory environments that they perform within. Espuma is Miami-based. Ashe was born in Manila, Philippines in 1995 and Sophia in Miami, Florida in 1994. Both graduated from New College of Florida, Ashe with a B.A. in Art and Art History and Sophia in Economics.

Artistic Inspirations