Artemis Jankens

(Alexander Romero)


 United states
 New York
American, Spanish, German
  • Artist
    Location: New York
    Institution: New York City (baby)
    Term: [object Object] - Present


Metropolitan State University
Location: Denver
Graduation year: 2017
Degree: Bachelors

Favored Mediums

  • Painting

Artist Statement

My current work revolves around the duality of existence that my generation finds itself in. That duality is perpetuated by the over-use of technology and the toll it takes on the psyche. Day to day we find ourselves in a reality that switches from a virtual realm to the physical realm; between what we view and (mis)interpret on a screen to that which we see in real life. This intrigues me and simultaneously disturbs me on a conscious level. I’ve started to question the way that we communicate and how it effects me. I’ve displayed these effects through traditional methods by juxtaposing the ephemeral nature of the digital world with the everlasting nature of painting; an irony I can’t help but illuminate.

Artistic Inspirations